Dane County

Something is happening in Dane County. Something is drawing people from all over the United States to make Dane County one of the fastest growing and best places to live. Is it the bustling Madison Metropolitan area? Perhaps it is the small town charm of Black Earth? Or is it the peaceful serenity of the Blue Mounds? Whether it is exploring lakes and forests, attending theatres and museums, savoring restaurants and festivals, or even perusing the farmer’s market and State Street — Dane County has something for everyone to enjoy!.

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of Dane County is its stunning beauty. The land slowly undulates and becomes rockier as you head west. Large lakes and streams are woven through lush forests and tranquil fields. As the seasons change, the land transforms from a winter wonderland to an idyllic summer. It is a land of plenty. There is also plenty to be had at the numerous small towns sprinkled across Dane County. These communities contribute immensely to the county’s charm and popularity. Enjoy a cream puff at the Dane County Fair, delight in a beer at the Thirsty Troll Brew Fest, or dance to folk music at Syttende Mai.

Whatever it is that draws you, Dane County welcomes you. You add to the experience that makes Dane County such a wonderful place to share

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