Vilas County

Deep in the heart of Wisconsin’s Hidden Valleys lies Vernon County. It is a place so quiet and beautiful, it’s no wonder they call it God’s Country. Our celebrated rivers, rugged hills, scenic farms, sturdy forests, tranquil back roads, crystal air and friendly people combine to make Vernon County the ideal place to find rest and renewal. All year long, you’ll always find plenty of outdoor action. Join us for boating, biking, paddling, hiking, bird watching, fishing on the Mississippi, snowmobiling and skiing.

Round Barns, which include truly round and many sided, can be found in many parts of the USA. The largest concentrations of this style of barn are found in the midwest (Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin). Vernon County here in Wisconsin boasts more round barns than any other county in the USA. Some of these unique barns are being preserved and taken care of while others are deteriorating and falling apart. Most round barns are built with a silo in the center of the barn.

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