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With four seasons of recreational adventure, Juneau County offers endless possibilities. If small game is your thing, there’s more than enough squirrels and rabbits to test your marksmanship. There’s something about sitting in the woods on a crisp fall morning and listening to a fox squirrel rustle through the oak leaves that soothes the soul. Just so you don’t fall asleep, the reds are squawking at you for invading their territory but staying just out of range.

The fishing does not get much better than it is here in Juneau County. We are blessed with numerous areas for fishing and just about any type of fishing anyone could want. If you prefer larger waters, two of the five largest lakes in Wisconsin are along the eastern border of the county: the Petenwell Flowage and the Castle Rock Flowage. Both provide excellent walleye fishing along with bass, pan fish and many other species. Petenwell Lake is also producing significant catches of musky. There are many boat landings along both of these flowages making access to them very easy.

Have a favorite to hunt? How about the whitetail that roams the entire county? Juneau County offers some of the best deer hunting in the world. Big, fat and wary bucks are plentiful and many are taken each year that approach record book status. Gun, bow or black powder, we offer it all! Since the reintroduction of wild turkey in Wisconsin, Juneau County has become a hotspot for both the spring and fall turkey hunts. Huge toms with long beards and spikes have been taken every year and the turkey population is healthy and growing thanks to our wonderful habitat.

The Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, is within the Great Central Wisconsin Swamp, the largest wetland bog in the state(7,800 sq. Miles). The refuge contains extensive forest habitat, along with traditional habitat for waterfowl and sandhill cranes. Impoundments provide acres of open wetland habitat that provide cover for threatened, endangered and rare species, such as the Karner blue butterfly, whooping crane and the Blanding turtle. Beaver, coyote, turkey and whitetail deer are common resident wildlife species. Recently, several wolf packs have entered the refuge from the north and black bear sightings are becoming more common at or near the refuge.

Snowmobiling in Juneau County is a lot of things. It’s shooting along a well-groomed trail with your friends on a clear, crisp day watching the pines and scrub oak whiz by. It’s traveling on a moonlight night with somebody special riding behind you as you wend your way to that favorite bar & grill. It’s stopping to watch a herd of whitetails disappear in a flash or listening to the sounds of the woods before moving on. We have hundreds of miles of trails that are well-groomed and clearly marked thanks to the efforts of our local snowmobile clubs.

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