Our central location in Wisconsin puts us near a wide variety of attractions and recreational opportunities. Let Mauston be your gateway to four seasons of family fun! Situated along the Lemonweir River, Mauston is the county seat of Juneau County. Mauston is an active, modern community, marked by industrial and new home growth. With lots of small town charm, Mauston is located almost exactly between Chicago and Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

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Recreational activities in the area include an 18-hole golf course, volleyball and tennis courts, picnic areas, bowling, hunting, swimming, biking, snowmobiling, skiing, boating and fishing. Nearby to Mauston are the state’s 2nd and 4th largest lakes, Petenwell and Castle Rock. The Mauston Summer Recreation Program is 8 weeks long, starting in June and ending in July, and all Mauston youth ages 5 -15 are eligible to participate.

Our area provides opportunities for bicycling enthusiasts that literally cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Both the State of Wisconsin and Juneau County have developed extensive bicycle trails, including the Elroy-Sparta Trail, the “400” Trail, and the Omaha Trail. All of these trails connect in Elroy, a city only 12 miles from Mauston.

Mauston is the retail center of Juneau County offering a wide variety of stores including supermarkets, a cheese factory and cheese mart, lumber yards, hardware, department, discount, jewelry, gift, craft, and antiques stores, service stations, automobile dealers, and pharmacies. Mauston is also home to a number of restaurants, liquor establishments, and fast food service outlets as well.

Greater Mauston Area Chamber of Commerce

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