Bicycling Capital of America

Sparta is known as the Bicycling Capital of America. Located in the center of 101 miles of state trails, Sparta is THE best place to stay when you ride the world-famous Elroy-Sparta trail. With three rock tunnels, the Trail is known as a must for anyone on two wheels! Sparta offers the vacationer so much to do and see that 1-day just isn’t enough! The Elroy-Sparta State Bike Trail is the property of the State of Wisconsin and is part of its State Trails System. The La Crosse River State Trail was developed from the abandoned Chicago Northwestern Railroad between Sparta and La Crosse.

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Explore Sparta

Best Nights Inn

303 W Wisconsin St Sparta, WI 54025

Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast

220 E Franklin St Sparta, WI 54025

Grapevine Log Cabins

19149 Jade Rd Sparta, WI 54025

Justin Trails Resort

7452 Kathryn Ave Sparta, WI 54025

Leon Valley Campground

9050 Jancing Ave Sparta, WI 54025

Scottish Inn

509 S Water St Sparta, WI 54025

Spartan Motel

1900 W Wisconsin St Sparta, WI 54025

Super 8

716 Avon St Sparta, WI 54025

Super 8 – Sparta

716 Avon Rd Sparta, WI 54656
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