Abbotsford Wisconsin is a progressive and growing community located in Clark County Wisconsin, the heart of central Wisconsin. Abbotsford is ready to meet the challenges of today while honoring our heritage. We have a lot to offer…over 130 businesses provide a wide variety of services and employment opportunities. The school district offers a well-balanced curriculum with modern classrooms and technical facilities. We have a library, bowling center, softball and baseball diamonds, parks, movie theater, restaurants, golf driving range, swimming pool, and tennis courts within the city and other recreational opportunities nearby. The recently completed four-lane Hwy. 29 has opened up a whole new challenge for the community. We welcome the new business it has created and look forward to growing with the opportunities it presents.

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Merchants include grocery, auto parts, jewelry, clothing, shoes, ice cream and cheese, hardware, variety, appliances, pets, an gifts, cars and manufactured homes, banks, gas stations, travel agency, Abbotsford motels, beauty shops, restaurants, funeral home, karate studio, and many other opportunities for Abbotsford shopping. There are parks with softball and baseball diamonds, picnic area, shelter houses, and playground. There is a running track, tennis courts and indoor pool in the High School, and a movie theatre, bowling center and a golf driving range is available. Our industrial parks are home to several new growing businesses and there is room for more expansion. The Clark County Economic Development Corporation actively works with the city to develop new prospects. Present industries include a meat processing plant, a furniture manufacturer, a custom machinery manufacturer for the wood-handling industry, a drapery manufacturer, a door manufacturer, metal stamping, an egg cracking plant, a cheese making plant and wholesale electrical supply.

At 7:30 p.m. on the first Saturday in December, Abbotsford Wisconsin becomes “Storybook Land” as the Annual Christmas Parade unfolds on Main Street. This event has become a “must-not-miss” holiday attraction for central Wisconsin. The night time parade features favorite cartoon, fantasy and storybook characters, lighted floats, clowns, and Puff The Magic Dragon. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to carry off this event and the entire community gets involved in one way or the other! Despite the sometimes freezing weather, the parade draws thousands of spectators annually.

The central portion of Wisconsin offers hunters plenty of opportunity for success. Central Wisconsin has a good reputation for producing big bucks year after year. Clark County Wisconsin is a year-round recreation area featuring the best hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, Abbotsford area golf courses, hiking and rafting. Come and enjoy all that our beautiful area has to offer. Abbotsford Wisconsin, population 1,956, is located in Wisconsin’s Clark County, about 117 miles from Green Bay Wisconsin and 136 miles from St Paul, MN.

We hope you will take the time to explore our diverse area and discover it’s treasures. From antique shops to industry, it’s all here in Abbotsford Wisconsin.

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