The beauty of the Cazenovia area is spectacular any time of the year. During the winter, snowmobiling is a fun family activity in these scenic, unglaciated hills and valleys. In springtime, the green hillsides are marked with contour farming. Summer’s agricultural crops are enhanced with irrigation, as farming is widely diversified on these prairies and rolling hills. Autumn brings an unsurpassed show of fall colors.

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Explore Cazenovia

A drive through the area’s countryside is picturesque and eye-pleasing. Roadways wind along the edges of green valleys, between towering, tree-covered hills. In most scenes, a stream cuts a squiggly path on the valley floor and widely spaced fine homes and photogenic family farms dot the land and climb the sides of the hills. Agriculture and agri-businesses are important sources of county employment, with 16% of Richland County residents directly involved in production agriculture. We invite you to visit. Explore our winding backroads and friendly communities. You’ll like it here.

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