Calumet County

Welcome to the quiet side of the Lake! Whether this is your first visit or you’ve visited many times, we guarantee it won’t be your last visit! Calumet County, Wisconsin offers scenic Lake Winnebago and Becker Lake, both not only placid, but full of recreational opportunities like fishing and boating. We also boast spectacular cliff faces, like those seen at High Cliff State Park, and underground caves, seen only at Ledge View Nature Center. Trails are abundant and full of nature encounters. We are truly nature’s retreat!  We are nature’s retreat and offer tranquil lake views, scenic vistas from atop grand cliffs, many opportunities to spot rare birds, explore underground caves, and visit Native American burial grounds that interest the most curious traveler.

We’re not just nature though. Picasso himself would have loved Calumet County with its many artists and shops. Visit with ten artists as they do their craft at Main Street Art Works, or, watch the chips fly at the chainsaw studio, the Sparkin’ Chip Chop Shop. Talk with an artist who makes fish out of wood from lilac, sumac, or apple. How about an artist who carves with a chainsaw? Stop by and browse through a gallery that sells its beautiful glass pieces worldwide. Perhaps you’d prefer to take in a performance at one of our performance theaters? Regardless of your talent level or passion for art, we hope you’ll experience a “Picasso Revelation”! View peaceful kites in flight any perfect summer day in New Holstein. Edible art? You bet…our supper club chefs are artists in their own kitchens, serving everything from fire-baked pizza to hand cut steaks.

If history is what you’re interested in, the County is rich in Native American History, as evidenced by the Native American Effigy Mounds at Calumet County Park and High Cliff. Take a self-guided tour of century old bridges or watch a Civil War Re-enactment at Captain Potter Days. Our local events are one-of-a-kind. There is Beer Fest in spring, a festival celebrating the micro brewing industry. Harbor Fest in summer, attracting power boats from all over the Midwest. Crafty Apple Fest in fall with unique games like Pumpkin Bowling. And candle light skis in winter at the parks. If you prefer sports, there are the mountain bike races at Calumet County Park to the Cheese Head Run in Hilbert. Auto racing at the Fairgrounds is a local favorite while motocross or snow mobile racing is always an attraction at Gravity Park USA.

Calumet County has numerous bridges, some over 100 years old, hidden away on rural town roads. They are in solid condition reminding us of the quality work done by our forefathers. The bridges are made out of either hand laid stone or concrete. They range in width from 17 (a single lane bridge) to 30 feet. Come, spend some time. Stay at one of our lakeshore campgrounds or one with a view atop the escarpment overlooking Lake Winnebago. If you prefer, nestle in at one of our motels and be lulled to sleep by the whistle of the whippoorwill. If Mother Nature can make Calumet her retreat, why not you?

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