Iron County

Iron County’s five Trail Systems are famous for offering some of the best riding in Wisconsin and the Midwest. The trails incorporate many of the county’s historic transportation, mining and lumbering sites, as well as plenty of lakes and waterfalls in the forests. Iron County forests make up a whopping 80% of the total land in the county. The “Real Northwoods” of natural beauty and adventure is getting difficult to find these days. Here, there is a variety of natural surroundings that other areas can only envy.

The Hurley area features more than 50 waterfalls of varying heights. Two are tied for the greatest descent. Superior Falls on the Montreal River near it’s mouth at Lake Superior and Potato River Falls on the western side of the county each feature cascades greater than a 10 story building. To get to our waterfalls is very easy in some cases, with parks for a picnic or camping adjacent. Yet other falls require a little hiking and ingenuity to fully experience. Saxon Falls, also on the Montreal River, drops 78 feet. It is the starting point in the spring time for three miles of a wild white water ride through the Montreal River Canyon for only the most experienced kayak enthusiast.

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