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Marshfield is rich in Wisconsin lore. Lumber, farming and railroads all made a mark on the area. At one time, 50 trains stopped at the station each day with passengers traveling out west or heading back east. In the early years of the Marshfield Clinic, some doctors rode the trains to serve patients in outlying communities. Today, visitors can still enjoy a bustling vibrant city. Marshfield offers small-town friendliness and a sense of a community along with an active city scene. We love our city and love to share it with our visitors. From fine dining to the casual or sport atmosphere Marshfield has something for everyone.

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Foxfire Gardens, located four miles north of Marshfield, has tried to blend the lasting simplicity of the Chinese style with the ruled and highly symbolic Japanese gardens, carefully mixing the flair for formality of late European Gardens. When East meets West, many wonderful unexpected varieties result. Terraced gardens provide the solar richness many plants require through full exposure to the elements. Canopied trees create a shadowed environment for those more delicate species: others may be naturally woven through tree roots, or vined and arbored for convenience.

The impressive focal point of the Marshfield Fairgrounds is the “World’s Largest Round Barn”. The round barn was built in 1916 to house purebred animals in 250 stanchions. The barn is 150 feet in diameter and 70 feet high, it is a wonder to behold. Every year during the fair, the round barn is utilized for its original intent – to display stock during the shows and sales. The awesome sight of the arena, with no supporting beams apparent becomes even more wondrous as one realizes this architectural feat was accomplished without benefit of scaffolding. This was done by means of staging. They simply started at the bottom and worked up and in. The only supporting beams evident are the cross beams beneath the cupola. The Round Barn stands stately and is regarded as a prized asset to the fairgrounds.

Wildwood Zoo is a municipal zoo which was established in 1937 and has continued to grow into one of the leading municipal zoos in the State of Wisconsin. The Wildwood Park and Zoological Society, Inc. work closely with the City Parks & Recreation Department to continue the improvements and expansion of the zoo, which is one of the featured attractions for visitors to the area. The park and zoo cover over 60 acres of land and boast a variety of birds and mammals from North America. A special feature of the zoo is the drive-by viewing option of the large animal exhibits, which include buffalo, elk, white-tail deer, turkeys, and the timber wolf exhibit. Walking and bike trails provide another option for enjoying the zoo and surrounding park area.

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