A community rich in heritage and steeped in history, Whitewater has always been known for its beauty. Nestled within the forest, lakes, prairies, and hills of the Kettle Moraine State Forest in southeastern Wisconsin, visitor’s flock to Whitewater for its many recreational opportunities. As you experience Whitewater, one thing you will notice is the friendly, caring people who will welcome you. We’ve been waiting for your visit and look forward to showing you our city. Native Americans once reffered to Whitewater as “Minneiska,” Meaning the city beautiful. Later, Potawatomi Native Americans used the term “Waubegannawpocat,” meaning white water, named after the whitish sands in the creek bottoms.

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In the fall of 1836 Alvah Foster carved his name on a tree in the area of what is now Whitewater. At the time, this is all that was needed to make a legal claim on a piece of land. In 1837 a small group of settlers from Milwaukee passed through what is now known as Whitewater. William Barrbon stayed behind to establish a settlement. Shortly after that Norman and Freeman Pratt came to Whitewater with their wives. More settlers began to arrive in the untamed central Wisconsin wilderness. Other early settlers who arrived that first year were Johnson, Hamilton, Brewer, Collins, and Nichols.

There are many recreational opportunities in whitewater today. The area’s lakes offer a great variety of recreation. There are public beaches, picnic areas, boating, and fishing. In the summer, there are ski shows on Whitewater Lake by the Minneiska Ski team which provides for a night of entertainment with great music, costumes, and exciting performances. In the winter you can find Whitewater Lake scattered with ice shanties as fisherman compete in the Lions Annual February “Fish-A-Ree.”

Whitewater is also great for all those who love outdoor sports and exercising. This unique and beautiful city offers tons of opportunities for those who love biking (on-road and off-road), golf, hiking, hang gliding, skiing, swimming, fishing and boating. In Whitewater you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, take part in great city activities, and do just about anything that you want to do.

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