There’s plenty to do in Beloit. From angels to grist mills to museums to sports…our plate is full of both educational and entertainment fun. Choosing what to do first may be your biggest challenge. Start with your new friends at the Visit Beloit welcome center and they’ll be pleased to point the way.

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Explore Beloit

Beloit celebrates a rich history. Beloit College made Beloit home before Wisconsin became a state and is situated on Native American effigy mounds that date back to 700 AD. Our New England heritage from the mid-1800’s has been preserved through our historic neighborhoods and living museums. Our downtown boasts beautifully renovated structures which house specialty retail, food and living accommodations. Beloit’s pride in our past provides a strong foundation as we build our future.

People have found that there’s nothing quite like an afternoon kicking up leaves on the majestic bluffs of Big Hill Park. Unless of course, it’s gliding effortlessly as you ski the snowy trail along the meandering banks of Turtle Creek. Gee, that doesn’t take in account the tennis, golf, fishing and boating that’s available in our public green spaces. What to do? Come play with us.

What’s life without art? Beloit chooses not to find out. We gather to enjoy music, professional theatre, art exhibits and dance regularly. Noted sculptor O.V. Shafferrecently directed the relocation of this sculpted piece titled “Celebration” which now graces the entrance park of Beloit’s beautifully restored riverfront. Note the prairie grasses planted at its base which represent the landscape that greeted our first industrial settlers.

Turtles in the Park? Music at Harry’s Place? Heritage Days? We always make sure there’s something to look forward to in Beloit. Whether it’s strolling the fresh Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings or visiting the music stages during Riverfest (one of Wisconsin’s largest multi-genre music festivals). Beloit keeps busy all year long. We even celebrate the pure joy of playing in the snow with our annual Winterfest. Check it out.

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