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Green County, Wisconsin is a wonderful place to visit year round, where you’ll find a full slate of activities to celebrate life. Each community boasts its own brand of special events, but regardless of the celebration, you’re sure to find plenty of homegrown hospitality, family-friendly entertainment and delicious treats to please any palate. So whether your tastes run to shopping all day, dancing all night, hiking, biking, golfing, or paying a visit to local museums you’ll find plenty to do in Green County.

One of the most interesting historic sites in Green County is the courthouse, located in the center of the Monroe square. The Green County courthouse, built in 1891, stands as a splendid example of the Romanesque style of architecture and has become one of the most photographed structures in southern Wisconsin. Although some of the government offices have since been relocated to other quarters, the Green County Courthouse continues to be home for most traditional functions of county government.

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