Treasure on the Mississippi

Cassville is truly a treasure on the Mississippi! When Wisconsin achieved statehood in 1848, Cassville’s Nelson Dewey was elected first governor. Remains of his 2,000 acre estate are now Nelson Dewey State Park and Stonefield Historic Site. Enjoy the great outdoors at Nelson Dewey State Park with its spectacular views, hiking trails, Indian mounds & native prairie. The park has several trails totaling about 3 miles in length with nice views of the Mississippi River. Most have benches along the way so visitors can observe wildlife and birds. At the Roe Preserve there are native savannas and opportunities to birdwatch. Hunt, fish, boat or bike in our serene area.

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Explore Cassville

The Cassville Car Ferry connects two National Scenic Byways; the Great River Road and the Iowa Great River Road. The ferry served the early settlement as far back as 1836 and it continues today, making the same trip back and forth across the mighty Mississippi. It is the oldest operating car ferry in the state of Wisconsin. Take a ride on the Cassville Car Ferry and visualize a twenty-three year old Nelson Dewey, who was to become the first governor of Wisconsin, making his first trip across the Mississippi to reach the tiny village of Cassville. Today, it is still a fun way to cross.

In late winter and early spring when the ice is breaking up it is an excellent spot for viewing Eagles. Bald eagles stay in the Cassville area from mid-December to late February because of the abundance of open water. During the migrating seasons a variety of ducks can be observed, including Teal, Wood Duck, Canvas Back, Widgeon, Mallard, Ruddy, and others flying on the Mississippi Flyway. Bird watching is at its best along the bluffs and the river bottoms of the Mississippi River. Over 200 species of birds including various types of warblers, finches, thrushes, tanagers, woodpeckers, swallows, and wrens. In the spring and summer the Mississippi River Valley provides an important nesting habit for many species of birds.

A favorite past time of Cassville visitors is getting a good Grant County map and going off to explore our rustic back roads. Follow Closing Dam Road to the old dam, a favorite fishing spot of many, or to Goodnuf Hollow Road. Maybe you will see a bald eagle or explore the ruins of an old stone home. Despite the changes more than 160 years have brought to the town, Cassville remains a vital community surrounded by the beauty and grandeur of the Mississippi and its rich history.

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