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Horicon, Wisconsin is a modern, progressive city with a population of nearly 4,000. It is favorably located by nature and man on both sides of the Rock River at the southern fringe of the Horicon Marsh. Encompassing 32,000 acres, Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the US. This marsh is also a restoration project, having been ditched and drained for agriculture in the early 1900’s. The marsh is divided into two units. The southern one-third is a State Wildlife Area managed by the Wisconsin DNR. The northern two-thirds is a National Wildlife Refuge administered by the USFWS. While the marsh is primarily managed as a waterfowl area it hosts a tremendous variety of other birds. This marsh is perhaps best known for the spring and fall migration of Canada geese which often number more than 200,000 birds.

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Explore Horicon

It was the great glaciers of the last Ice Age that gave rise to this marshland basin. Since these early origins, it has been home to an abundant variety of fish, birds, and other marshland wildlife. Evidence indicates that man was already here when this marsh was in its infancy. Over the years, more than 265 species have been sighted here and this marsh regularly attracts some of Wisconsin’s rarest birds. Being a National Wildlife Refuge, public access is limited in this portion of the marsh in order to protect the wildlife for which it has been established. Most of the state area is open to the public. One of the best ways to explore this area is by canoe or shallow draft boat, but please be aware of restricted use and closed areas.

Along with hiking, hunting and fishing, you can also study the wildlife from the water in a boat or canoe. Four-mile Island is a protected area for nesting Herons and Egrets that quiet observers will find fascinating. Each spring and fall, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources offers a series of public naturalist programs to introduce visitors and interested persons to the geology, history, wildlife and management of the Horicon Marsh ecosystem. The is a state of the art recreation facility, designed from the ground up with fun in mind. Its more prominent features include two 140 foot Water Slides (one enclosed), and a six lane 25-meter competitive lap pool.
Make yourself at home in Horicon. While the marsh may be Dodge County’s best known attraction, the area also includes a number of lakes that provide excellent recreational opportunities. In addition, the Wild Goose State Trail, a hiking, biking, horseback riding and skiing trail, runs through most of the county. The Horicon area will both excite and comfort your soul as you explore this natural wonderland full of bird, game, wildlife and outdoor activities to please everyone! Bring your bird book and don’t forget your binoculars.

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