Green Lake

Home of the Deepest Inland Lake in Wisconsin

When Green Lake began as a resort community nearly 150 years ago, the pace of life was determined by transportation. Visitors arrived by horse-drawn carriage, after long trips that were sometimes hot, dusty and uncomfortable. While here, they enjoyed the waters of Green Lake by rowboat or steam launch, or maybe by a canoe. Meals at the resort hotels were prepared using produce from gardens on the property, flour from the local mill, chickens from a nearby farm. Entertainment was a hayride, a lakeside picnic, a band on the lawn, a swim in the lake. Through the veil of time, it seems so peaceful and idyllic, the best place on earth.

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680 North Restaurant

680 Illinois Ave Green Lake, WI 54941

Adam’s Rib

538 Mill St Green Lake, WI 54941

Goose Blind Grill & Bar

512 Gold St Green Lake, WI 54941

Little Corporal Restaurant

499 Hill St Green Lake, WI 54941

Norton’s of Green Lake

380 Lawson Dr Green Lake, WI 54941
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