Stone Lake

In the Land of Promise

The City of Stone Lake is located on State Highway 70, just nineteen miles east of Spooner and sixteen south of Hayward. It is a quiet little community in the heart of beautiful lake country, and is just awakening to the reality that it has much to be proud of, both in its past and in the present. When Stone Lake’s earliest pioneers arrived, they found nothing but swamp and forestland – a vast, untouched wilderness – yet they were convinced this area was their Land of Promise. The gravestone in evergreen Cemetery tells the silent story of many pioneer families, some who lived to see their dreams come true and some who did not. Yet every family there carved a niche in our historic past.

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Explore Stone Lake

The Stone Lake Cranberry Festival should be part of your destination calendar every year. Visit this wonderful community and celebrate autumn in the heart of the beautiful Northwoods while we host over 30,000 guests during the one-day celebration of cranberries. Following the parade, the crate derby will take center stage down main street, as boys and girls compete with wood, wheels and gravity to see who will be awarded the trophy. The cranberry marshes will be ready to show you their operations, and the area businesses, as well as artisans, crafters and food vendors, will be ready to take care of you.

The Chequamegon National Forest is less than an hour’s travel by car. With its rolling landscape, healthy forest, and abundant wildlife, it offers a change of pace to visitors from the congested metropolitan cities of the Midwest. With excellent and varied recreational opportunities, visitors can quickly shed the stress of modern life by enjoying the quiet tranquility found here. This impression stays with visitors long after they depart and is a primary reason visitors to the Chequamegon National Forest return time and again.

The Chequamegon National Forest’s many campgrounds are closed by the time winter blankets the area with snow. But the Forest does not go into hibernation. This is the time when the crystalline beauty of the Forest is enjoyed by cross-country skiers, snowmobilers, and snowshoers. And, don’t be surprised to see a dog sled or two pass by. If you are out of essentials you can go to the Stone Lake grocery store, visit a couple of antique shops, an unique jewelry store, and a couple restaurants and bars with lots of friendly people.

Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 75, Stone Lake, WI 54876
Phone: (715) 865-3378

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