Langlade County

Langlade County provides a tremendous variety of recreational opportunities to meet everyone’s needs. We boast over 125,000 acres of forest land, 841 lakes, 225 streams, 395 miles of trout streams, and 200 spring ponds. Langlade County is also widely known for its trail systems. We have trails for hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ATVing, cross country skiing, horseback riding, and rafting. The trail system is very scenic and traverses glacial moraines, upland hardwoods, cedar swamps, farm fields, streams, and lakes.

The Wolf River country — long known as Wisconsin’s “Troutland” for the spirited fish in these clean Northern waters — is one of the state’s richest resources. The Wolf River is the heart of the area. It flows quietly into Troutland in the community of Lily. Along the quiet stretches — interspersed among the rapids — trout fishermen find the excitement and challenge of matching wits with the brookies, browns, and rainbows that swell in the Wolf River and its tributaries.

Whitewater rafting and canoeing are popular sports that take advantage of the river’s boisterous nature. People who raft or paddle our famous Wolf River are rewarded with outstanding shoreline scenery, abundant wildlife and excellent water quality. The rapids become rowdier and more numerous the farther downstream you go, making a rafting ride a thrilling adventure. In the 28 miles it flows through our area, the Wolf River drops a breathtaking 430 feet in elevation.

Langlade County also has a number of scenic bike routes around the county. The Red River bike route is broken down into two sections, the Phlox Pond route and the Moose Lake route. Both of these routes are 21 miles in length. The Pearson scenic bike route consists of four routes, the Jack Lake route, Post Lake route, South Loop, and North Loop. To the north is the Summit Lake scenic bike route that consists of the Black Oak Lake route and the Town Line Lake route. Finally, there is the 32 mile Eau Claire Dells bike route which is mostly flat terrain with a few rolling hills. For the mountain biker there is the Jack Lake mountain bike area and the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

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