Music and Theatre, All Ages

The Youth Theatre Company (YTC) announces its upcoming production of “Story Surf’n!” a tribute to great storytelling and music from across the globe, through song, dance and, you guessed it, great stories.

Performances will be held at the Plymouth Arts Center, Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 at 7:00pm, and Sunday, May 12 at 2:00pm. General admission tickets for $10 each are available at the Plymouth Arts Center, 520 East Mill Street, Plymouth, Wisconsin or call 920-892-8409 or order online through the Plymouth Arts Center website:

Everything from the greatest cowboy who ever lived “Pecos Bill”, to “The King’s Rice Pudding, a Dutch folk-tale and much more in between. We’ll tell some classic Old-World Fables, some European Folk Tales, stories and music from Nigeria and South America, and a few “way out there” tales you’ve never even heard of before!

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Presented by a diverse cast of past Youth Theatre Company performers as well as many new talented cast members, under the direction of Patty and Tim Talen, the show is designed for the entire family, young and old alike.

Ranging in age from “seasoned” performers to kids in the single digits, this show has something for everybody!
Featured adult actors include Jessica Ford, Sarah Grebe, Andrea Gutschow, Katrina Johns, Jim Nass, Matt Overby, Jeremy Schellin, Pat Connors-Scherer, Lara Schmitz, Justin Schmitz, Peggy Strang, Tim Talen, Bob Travis, Natalie Voight and Evelyn Wilterdink,
Young actors include Evelyn Beger, Easton Garty, Katerina Garty, Lily Grebe, Breeley Gutschow, Isabella Gutschow, Abbi O’Malley, Kendall Rooker, Sage Rooker, Charlie Schellin, Penelope Schmitz, Ava Versch, Emma Versch, Will Versch, Ruby Voight and McKinley Winkler.
Featured local musicians will comprise the Story Surf’n Band: Musical Director- Cindy Howley on keyboards, Keith Abler and Frank Gatyas on guitars, Steve Gumieny on drums and percussion, Tim Talen on percussion and Karen Mani on fiddle.

This performance will mark the 36th Anniversary of the Youth Theatre Company in Sheboygan County! Lots to celebrate, that’s for sure.

Not to mention, the show will be performed on Mother’s Day Weekend, a fact not to be overlooked by the writers and directors of “Story Surf’n!” Why not surprise your mother with the gift of live local theatre?!

YTC has produced family-oriented plays in Sheboygan County since 1988, beginning with 1988-Tom Sawyer, 1990-Tales of the Wild, Wild West, 1992- Aesop’s Fables, 1994-Pied Piper, 1996-Mountain Magic, 1998-Badger Tales, 2000- Story Surfin’, 2001-(May) Cartunes, 2002-Aesop’s Take 2, 2004-Go H2O, 2006- (Nov) Rhythm n’ Rhyme, 2007-Tom Sawyer, 2007- (Dec.) Jingle n’ Jive, 2009-Feelin’ Groovy, 2011-Just Say Cheese, 2012- (Dec.) Scrooge, 2014-Badger Tales, 2015- (Dec)Jingle All the Way, 2018- Guys and Dolls and 2023- Oh Sweet Goats and Little Tales.

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