Shan Fiorello performs live at Missfits Tavern hosted by Inner City Sound

July 27, 2024 8:00 pm

After her recent success in her band Disconapse which quickly rose to regional stardom, Shan Fiorello is making her second only appearance ever as a solo performer, showing off her exciting new setlist and astounding talent.

WI born and raised, singer/songwriter Shan Fiorello (they/them) grew up singing with their mother before they could even speak a full sentence. Their dream to play original music started with getting classmates together at recess to ‘rehearse’ songs they had wrote, to writing originals on an acoustic guitar as a teen for class projects to fronting a funk/pop/rock band (disconapse, appleton) and writing the lyrics as an adult in their 20’s.

Shan’s songwriting holds a mirror to their own mental health and struggle with interpersonal relationships as a person with PTSD. From the highs to the lows, these ups and downs are mimicked in their smooth, calculated vocals.

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