Paho Mann: “Paho Mann”

This event ended on November 12, 2022.

Exhibition will be on display from September 29 – November 12, 2022.

“I am a lens-based artist and educator working in Dallas, Texas where I am as Associate Professor of Art at the University of North Texas. My creative work has been exhibited locally and nationally. I am proposing a solo exhibition of a new lens-based project addressing perception, memory, and shifting values within photography. This project links contemporary digital 3d scanning technology to historic cameras.

In Fragmented Cameras, I use a 3D scanner to scan historic and obsolete cameras from the California Museum of Photography’s collection. By using consumer-grade 3D scanning technology the scans often depict objects as fragmented versions of themselves, almost as if they have exploded. This becomes a metaphor for the constant transition of photographic
technology and the use of new technology to comment on increasingly obsolete formats of historic image-making. By allowing the 3D scans to glitch, I call attention to the way lens-based media only mediates, but never truly represents reality.

This exhibition consists of large-scale framed digital prints. The images are printed in the various aspect ratios of the original cameras that I scanned. For example, an image of a 35mm film camera would be printed at a 2:3 ratio and a medium format camera would be printed square. The physical presence of the work is quite different than the digital file – the shift in scale and size and the abstracted nature of the images offers a visual experience different from the representational nature we often associate with photography or other lens-based media.

With the ever-increasing proliferation of images, there can be an assumption that new technologies can show the physical world in a complete form. Allowing the introduction of glitch and technical failures into my prints highlights the mediated nature of images. The work in one aspect is about the mediation of reality through technology and media – the physicality of the work offers yet another layer in this mediated experience. The exhibition allows for a full cycle from an object, mediated through multiple technologies back to an object again (the framed print), as a way to foster an experience and hopefully thoughts and conversation about the edges and boundaries of photography.”

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