Kanopy’s The Next Generation of Dance

The Next Generation of Modern Dance
The Kanopy 2 & Kanopy Dance Academy Showcase
Performances of Iconic Modern & Contemporary Works +
Original Choreography by Academy students & Kanopy 2
Saturday, May 18,2024 at 2 & 5PM at the Overture Center for the Arts
Reception to meet the Dancers Immediately following the 5PM Performance
at the Overture Center for the Arts
For Tickets: www.overturecenter.org, 608.258.4141
$40, adults; $35 groups of 4 or more; $20, students and ages 18 and under
Madison, WI- May 6, 2024…Watch the next generation of dancers and choreographers in Kanopy Dance Company’s  pre-professional training program, Kanopy 2, and the Kanopy Dance Academy ignite the stage with new ideas, new expressions and even original choreography developed by the dancers themselves at The Next Generation of Dance, a showcase performance on Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 2 & 5 PM at the Overture Center for the Arts.
Choreographic themes for The Next Generation of Dance are far ranging —inspired by French impressionist painter Claude Monet’s “Women in the Garden”; the fun and nostalgia of one of America’s favorite pastimes—baseball; the miracle  and motion of water, Classical Indian Bharatanatyam dance forms, and by Martha Graham’s Notebooks (journal entries by Graham made from the 1940’s -60’s that give insight on her creative process). A special highlight of the concert will be a special performance by Kanopy 2 (Kanopy’s Studio Company) of “Blue Rondo Toccato”, a fantastical collage of humor and physical theater for an ensemble of eleven dancers, choreographed by Kanopy’s artistic director Robert Cleary.
Kanopy Dance Academy (KDA) and its 100 + students are integral  to Kanopy cultural mission. As Kanopy Dance Company’s official dance school, KDA offers a comprehensive program of modern dance, choreography, and ballet as well as rare opportunities for students to learn a repertoire of master works from nationally acclaimed guest artists as well as techniques by underrepresented choreographers whose work has not been widely taught. Classes and master workshops are held throughout the year in addition to four-week long Summer Intensives. All class programs are taught at the Kanopy Center for Modern and Contemporary Dance ,323 W. Mifflin Street around the corner from the Overture Center for the Arts.
Kanopy 2, Kanopy’s Studio Company, offers a pre-professional training program open to exceptional students of dance by audition only. Serious dancers are introduced to an intense vocabulary of classic and modern forms and study with national luminaries shaping the future of modern contemporary dance. Each year, Kanopy 2 Company members have an opportunity to audition for an appearance in one of Kanopy’s mainstage productions at the Overture Center. Numerous Kanopy 2 alumni have forged professional dance careers or earned success in other creative careers of their choosing.
About Kanopy Dance
Kanopy Dance is a quintessential modern dance company. While the company “informs” its works through its roots in the Martha Graham tradition, Kanopy has cultivated its own brand, working to forward a new dimension and visual language to advance American Modern dance. Kanopy’s artistic directors, Robert E. Cleary, (former principal dancer for Ballet Minnesota and Minnesota Dance Theater) and Lisa Thurrell, (former dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, NYC), not only strive to preserve the best of Graham; but also, to cultivate the dynamic growth of American dance by training professional dancers, choreographing new works and collaborating with artists to establish new creative benchmarks. Kanopy is comprised of Kanopy Dance Company, Kanopy 2, (Kanopy’s studio company and pre-professional training program), and the Kanopy Dance Academy housed at the new Kanopy Center for Modern and Contemporary Dance. Kanopy is a resident company of Overture Center for the Arts. Pease visit us at https://kanopydance.org/

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