“Honoring Truman Lowe” Promega 2023 Fall Art Showcase

The Promega Fall Art Showcase will honor the life of Truman Lowe, a visionary artist, mentor and art professor. The exhibition will feature sculptures by Lowe alongside works by several of his former students. The Fall Art Showcase opens September 19 at the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center.

Truman Lowe: Artist, Teacher, Mentor
Truman Lowe was an acclaimed Ho-Chunk artist and professor in the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 45 years. He also served as curator of contemporary art at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Lowe’s large, site-specific installations use natural materials including wood, stone and metal to push creative boundaries and foster innovation. His works evoke a powerful connection with nature and exhibit a unique blend of versatility, precision and emotional depth.

As a mentor and teacher, Lowe’s guidance and expertise were instrumental in nurturing emerging talent, encouraging originality and fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for Native American art and culture. Lowe was known for providing artists with the tools to navigate the intricacies of the art world and encouraging them to fearlessly delve into their artistic voice.

Honoring Truman Lowe’s Legacy
The Fall Art Showcase will honor the legacy of Truman Lowe by exhibiting his art alongside pieces by several former students: Sarah McRae, Bentley Spang, Karen Goulet, Chloris Lowe, Tom Jones, Joe Feddersen and John Hitchcock.

The opening symposium will feature guest speakers Patricia Marroquin Norby and Jo Ortel. Norby is the Associate Curator of Native American Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the first person of Indigenous descent hired for a full-time curatorial position in the museum’s 150-year history. Jo Ortel is an author, art historian, and Professor Emerita of Art History of Beloit College.

The reception will feature traditional Ho-Chunk food based on recipes provided by Chef Elena Terry of the culinary organization Wild Bearies. Music will be provided by Felix Sainz, Jr. Promega is collaborating with the Little Eagle Arts Foundation for this event.

Symposium and Opening Reception
• WHAT: “Honoring Truman Lowe” Promega 2023 Fall Art Showcase
• WHEN: Tuesday, September 19; symposium at 3:30 pm followed by a reception from 4:30–6:30 pm
• WHERE: Promega BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, 5445 E Cheryl Parkway in Fitchburg, WI
• The event is free and open to the public.

The Fall Art Showcase runs through December 29 and is open to the public Monday through Friday.

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