Big Ideas for Busy People: Am AI Art Too? – How AI is Transforming the Creative Process

Join us for a captivating exploration of the dynamic interplay between arts and artificial intelligence at Big Ideas for Busy people — a quick-paced flash talk event, guided by the expertise of Chris Walker, distinguished professor and visionary director of the UW-Madison Division of the Arts.

In this illuminating session, we will delve into the profound transformations AI brings to artistic creation, expression and interpretation. Discover how AI-generated masterpieces challenge conventional boundaries, offering artists groundbreaking tools for innovation while raising thought-provoking questions about authorship and creativity. From mesmerizing visual art to harmonious compositions, we will examine AI’s evolving role in shaping the artistic landscape, provoking insightful discussions on the fusion of technology and imagination. Presenters will include (view full bios):

Aaron Greer, Associate Professor UW-Madison Communication Arts
Dionne Nichole Champion, Research Associate Professor University of Florida College of the Arts
Mary Simoni, Acting Provost Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, an artist or simply curious about the future of creativity, this lively event promises to be an enriching experience. Now ask yourself, was this description generated by a human or AI?

This is a free event but registration is required as seats are limited.

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Join UW-Madison Division of the Arts for an Arts Together reception and continued discussion following the event in the Marquee Lounge (6-7p)
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